Cuisines of the World

A language that connects people, love, and relationships.

Eating Our Way Around the World

It’s exciting to experience a country through the food they eat, the ingredients they use, and the table etiquette they follow. However, while traveling and eating our way around the World is the best thing a foodie could ask for, we can’t always travel to try those mouthwatering foods we desperately crave. So, let’s discover the cuisines of the World and cook them ourselves from the comfort of our kitchen!

Berber Tagine
Moroccan Berber Tagine: a savory stew-like dish made of tender meat, fresh veggies, and aromatic herbs and spices. Find the recipe here.

Cuisines of the World – What Makes Each Cuisine Unique?

Several factors have influenced the World’s cuisines throughout the years. For instance, climate plays a vital role in the availability of ingredients, especially vegetables, fruits, and nuts. What’s better than Napoli’s sunkissed tomatoes, Morocco’s unique Argan oil, or the savory Mediterranean olives? These little things make a dish unique and define its iconic flavor.

On the other hand, ancient trade routes have made it possible for many cuisines to adopt certain spices as a staple for their cuisine. Saffron, believed to have originated in Greece, is the defining ingredient in Spanish dishes. While Siberia was the first to cultivate Tarragon, the herb is now France’s leading ingredient!

Finally, culture has a major effect on food preparation and eating manners, and so are religious beliefs. In Europe, The Romans, Byzantines, and Arabs had their share of influences during the middle ages. Notably, meat selection and dietary restrictions were put in place. As a result, fish, vegetables, and legumes became more popular, making Mediterranean cuisine today one of the healthiest and most diversified.

These environmental, historical, and human factors have impacted what food tastes like and why each cuisine is beautifully unique.

Authentic Chicken Shawarma
Chicken Shawarma: a Levantine street food seasoned with cloves, cardamom, and other flavorful ingredients. See the recipe here.

A Mediterranean Lifestyle!

Cuisine, however, is much more than just food! It’s a language that connects people, love, and relationships. In the same fashion, food making is an art that uncovers a culture’s history and ancient practices. My favorite is the Mediterranean lifestyle, which is about sharing meals with family and friends, walking daily to the bakery and coffee shops, laughing hard and loudly, and enjoying life.

Spanish Tortilla
Tortilla Española, aka Spanish Omelette: a delicious omelet made with eggs, potatoes, parsley, and onions. Here is my recipe for an authentic Tortilla!

A citizen of the World

Born and raised in Morocco, I was lucky to experience delicious foods from our European, North African, and Middle Eastern neighbors. Currently living in the United States, I am amazed at the mixing pot of cultures and foods tied to each. Whether you’re cooking for a friend, trying out a new restaurant, or hosting a family event, a new dish from a different culture always adds a nice touch and an interesting topic of conversation.

Cuisines of the World – Cook with Me!

I’m super excited to dedicate a segment to the World’s most famous cuisines! While each meal has originated somewhere, many dishes have spread globally and are now served worldwide. Therefore, I’ve added a section for those popular bites we all know and love!

Let’s travel and enjoy other cultures from the comfort of our kitchen, eating our way around the World! Enjoy, bon appétit, and “Bessaha!”; meaning “enjoy in good health” in Moroccan Arabic.

Berber Tagine

Moroccan Cuisine

Moroccan cooking celebrates an incredible blend of vegetables, fruits, meats, and seafood in the Northern tip of Africa, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Famous for its Argan oil, Morocco uses herbs and spices extensively as the main staple of its cuisine.

Authentic Chicken Shawarma

Mediterranean Cuisine

Countries located in the Mediterranean Basin share foods and historical relationships connected to them for thousands of years: Greece, Turkey, Spain, France, North Africa, and parts of the Middle East. Enjoy a happy lifestyle with these healthy Mediterranean recipes! Bon appétit!

The Best Homemade Burger Seasoning

American Cuisine

America loves grilling outside, using extra-large cuts of meats, potatoes, and corn. Whether we’re celebrating the 4th of July, labor, or memorial day, a barbecue is always a great idea! As for dessert, we’ll take a key lime or pecan pie, please!

Homemade Soft Pretzels

International Dishes

Cheers to all those delicious international bites that we all love and enjoy doesn’t matter where we are! Here’s to the most popular foods circling our globe: Pizza, Tacos, Cakes, and more!

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